Effective Learning

The characteristics of Effective Learning are used as a key part of the early years framework. The characteristics help us to see when children are learning. Roughly speaking, they tell us that children are learning when they are:

  • Engaged
  • Motivated
  • Thinking
But why stop at the end of Reception?  We believe these learning skills are vital all the way through school, and indeed into their adult lives.   Have a read of the characteristics of each of these areas (see table below) and please, talk to your child about these things.  We want children to see themselves as learners, and to understand how they learn.  We encourage them to ask questions, be inquisitive and to make links with their learning ie we want children to know what to do – when they don’t know what to do.  
We use superheros as the driving force to deliver these messages.  You may remember around October 2018, we all came to school dressed as superheros?  The children then designed characters to attach to each superhero.  They are Motivation Mike, Engagement Ella and Think Flash.   (see pictures attached).
If ever you need any information about positive learning habits, or the Characteristics of Effective Learning, please ask.  I will gladly spend the time explaining more to you.  Mr. Kieran Walsh.
Wroughton Primary Federation :: Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)